by Van Solo

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    Also Features bonus Albums "StarFish" Which is B-Side AND "SUMMER" Which is C-Side Disc of HAPPY.




"HAPPY" was made in a roughly short period of Time. Though I personally haven't dropped music in the past two years. I took some time to get my thoughts right as personal issues kept getting in the way and honestly I just couldn't find any inspiration to create. Through my most recent break up I found myself able to write music again. Purging my ideas out like skinny white girl puke, no pun intended. This is the sounds of a super slacker, drug lover, pornographic, super emotional freak. I most recently got MTVs most hot feminine jams of the week. ASCAP music says this is the most greatest of hits since Elvis. Houston music scene says fuck me in the most prominent way, but hey.. least my mumma love me! Michael Franks says "Ya Done Good, Boy" And the most famous it's alright in the eyes of Family and Friends. It took me about a month to put this fully together as I was making change after change. Got it right though. This is a love letter and you know... Suicide notes speak the same language as love letters.


released June 8, 2013

Recorded In Spring, Texas
Engineered/Mixed by Austen Campbell
All songs written by Austen Campbell
Cover made by Devinn Campbell
Producers: Rellim, Lupid Ocampo, Juke Ellington, Nytro, Boogie Beat, Sly Drexler, Sober One, Kassper Dahmer, Dylan Ricci, Tizzy, Coke And Cool, Rules, VNVY, Raisi K, Neematic, Beat Gates, Dan Vadnals, And Samuel



all rights reserved


Van Solo Houston, Texas

Van Solo (Austen Campbell) is a 23 year old musician from the southside of Houston, Texas. The music is just honest and i fucking hate bios so suck my fucking dick and just listen to the fucking album. Punk bitch

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Track Name: S.O.B.
Bottled up inside like the pill is giving overbite
Mean ass nagger going at em cause i know im nice
Fuck i hate niggers bout to choke em with the django chain
Yeah im going nuts to show you faggots i aint playing games
or saying names like whats my name
Destiny, Child
A niggas fucking wild
And i barely even smile
i been happy since a child
When i was chowing on my vowels
Now i hear these weary sounds of stupid ass niggas
Stupid black bitches tryna have a family
Paint that picture
Getting Smithers on these Simp Sons
While i'm thinking bout
When yo dad aint showing up
You feeling like your momma fucked the worst nigga in america
i guess im scared of them days i never talk about
Like pedophile rape close my mouth
I cant hold back thats holding out
And i been outside since i came out
Tryna get on that inside right now
Coming down Coming up
if u dont fuck wit me u stuck
Wit some tasty chicken clucks
Eat em up like pink ass pussy
Like high school im playing hooky
Reach a bitch ill grab a bitch
She blow me like its battleship
Well who the fuck im battling
i dont know the snakes rattling in Texas
Mr. Austen fucking 316
With N-Sync dreams
Tryna make ya ipods screAM
My name
This aint a game
i could die this year
i'm getting Pussy but i need American Pie this year
No tears
At least in public
i'm steady shrugging like fuck it
i'm gone high and abducted the aliens said i cuss quick
Little slick gun slinger
Hold up mane my phones ringing
Girls singing bitch tunes
And mom wants me to clean my tomb
And the casket that i sleep
Haven't been slept in for weeks
Fucking rap got me smacked like Barry Bonds
At the bat
Acrobats on this dick
i swear girls just love my shit
Like toilet scrubbing worker chicks speaking Spanish on some shit
Fuck i'm sick
But the cure
You cant hate me cause i'm Pure
And i'ma
Moon Walking Jaw Dropping Pantie Tossing Wheres My coffin
i Don't Give a Fuck Like Son of a Bitch
Track Name: Hooky
Work Hard Play Hard
We Don't Wanna Fucking Job
i Just Wanna Do What i Wanna Do
While i Do it All
All These Fucking Drugs Wit No Motivation
All These Bad Bitches Wit No Home To Take Em
Life's Dodgeball,
You just Gotta Catch Em All
I Don't know the Time Yet
Cause I Aint Got A Audemar
Who The Hell Can i Call On?!
Haters Put Ya Dreams On Hold
Never Tell My Dreams To Hoes
That Shit Make em KiLL You More
This Just Make em feel you more
My Chest Locked Up Wit AdderALL
These College Hoes is Fucking Wild
She Played it But She Fucking Now
(Now, Now, Now, Now)
And i Aint Make A Fucking Sound
Quick Lil Smerk When i'm Acting Like A Jerk
Pimping All These Hoes Better Go in Your Purse
i Aint HAPPY This Way But it is What Works
And Since She Works My Child Support
Big Ass Toddler
Fuck i'm Odd
Spraying Hoes Wit The Bod
i Don't Wanna Pull Ya Card
i Just Gotta Use Ya Card
TIRED Of My Hoopti Car
Fuck That Drive i'm Flying Off
in My Fort, Hiding Warped
Either Tour or CLOSE MY DOOR!!!!!!!
Fuck The World i'm Signing Off
Blowing Stank Like Morning Mouth
Work Hard Play Hard
I Don't Wanna Fucking Job
I Just Wanna Do What i Wanna Do
While i Do it All (x2)
Solitude At Home Can Drive A Nigga Crazy
Skipping Out On Work My Momma (<3) Think i'm Lazy
My Drug Use Rising Like The Late 80s
Nigga i Been Stressed since Brenda Had A Baby
Till Anger is Off My Face
Dawg i'm straight i Simulate
My Dream like its Real Today
Can't Tell Me i Aint Got Fame
Since Google Can Trace My Name!! (------Fuck, I'm An Idiot-----)
1st Tape i Was A Little Soft
Veeology was bout A Braud
Life is Weird
What is Fear??
When Overdose Weekly is Clear
if i Take Another Pill
ima KiLL Myself Fareel
i Hate Myself i Want To Die
Fuck Clothes
i Just Wanna Fly
To The Sky
Until i Land Reality,
Work Hard Play Hard
We don't wanna Fucking Job
We Just Wanna Do What We Wanna Do
While We Do it All (x2)
We Just Wanna Do What we Wanna Do
Track Name: Space City TeXXXaSS
Meet me by the parking lot in stripper clothes!!!
I aint got no diamonds Gold
Aint Even riding Beemer
I'm sitting in my Christina
Toyota been really good with the pushing N shit
Now go head grab on my stick
Up on some Manual shit
I automatic hit that ass on some Cannibal shit
I'm fucking nasty and i'm smiling
Super drunk yeah I be wilding
And i aint even just a Drinker
I'm more just like a thinker
Getting Brain
Yeah my name is that Solo
So im Dolo
I don't never rock no POLO
And i'm always on my Schrodum Cause i'm nice
Whether you know it today or tomorrow
But really better learn fast
Cause you can't count on Tomorrow
So getcha blessing
if you stressing
Bitch i got the perfect essence
Yeah that purple green plant
No Shower That Shit stank
Thats Dank
Thats Fire
Thats Killa up in my hood
That Texas shit reppin bitch
I Do that shit to Excellence
You know these niggas corny
Thats why you always rolling to my crib when you get horny
And when you wanna Fuck
i'm cool as Fuck
Yeah i'm the shit
i Be high i kinda drift
Some nights a nigga really just wanna jump up off a cliff But
Sucking on yo titties make me see the reason life is
Yo i'm kinda trifling you investigate my private
Miss detective I love it
Even if i'm ever bugging
Baby this shit really nothing
But to you it's yo All
I'll take a call for my balls
And take a shot for my dawgs
i'm that nigga
Smoking blunts witcha smoove
(.............Young Mike fareel Nigga)
Track Name: 2016
Writers block like fuck the cops im locked up in my private shop
i Dont speak when im not complete
Narrcistic red as lipstick on my favorite earthly bitch
She pop up back like herpes lips
Just to kiss my over shit
Bringing me back under this
Pool of losing self esteem
And more den that my selfish dreams
i know im shit
This shit is shitty
i wish my choices came more witty
But they don't get me
They just want that basic shit
ill rape this shit
Fake my death and live again
Like two birds flying south for wind
i know im cold
Rock n Roll
if its hood den lock n load
While they gassed up like stop n go
im not for hoes
My dick is tweeting
for some lil slut ill be meeting
Much respect
its just my greeting
i see often problems here
That i solve with pills and beer
Blunts and hoes my god its fear
Track Name: On Callz
i met the devil last night
she had real nice tits.... a fat ass.... and wet pussy
i don't know
how i got this way
all i know is i'm ending with you
Nights getting young
and your getting naked
i went down
you went second
now i'm going in
Don't even got a rubber
i'ma have to pull out and bust on the covers
bitches be thinking that i just be playing
wit all of this rude shit that i be saying
i cant feel love i can only feel skin
snorting up all my problems again
tho ima liar i aint never touch shit
all my drugs are rolled up right wit my lips
she say she wanna charge
but i know she wanna kiss
im gone
alone again
my girl broke up wit me
so im not going home again
im bouta call ya phone again
wassup (repeat)
bitches be saying that
i just be using
what are they thinking my drugs what im doing
they like sex prolly more than me
so ima always get some if its more for me
cus i know that shit free
i aint paying a fee
some of my homies out tricking on all these beez
just to get a blowjob from a snobby B
i dont play that role
ill let her go shit
ill let her know
she said why i don't text cus niggas do
Thats that shit that'll have me thru wit you
i'm ending in Austin
where pussy get tossed
by a couple lil bitches
when i was just lost
smoking this dope
i'm just glad it was bought
at least i had rubbers
man that shit was smart
ima play my part
when i'm playing any ho
yeah any ho
im gone
alone again
my girl broke up wit me
so im not going home again
im bouta call ya phone again
wassup (repeat)
Track Name: Contra 91'
downing more shots in houston then the rockets
bottled up feelings cus pussys a potent product
the best drug i ever had
punch the shit like everlast
in a woody allen cast
smoking blunts the purple stash
cus pain come quicker than the flash
fulltime job of being mad unhappy and super sad
thats a drag shit im
guessing im the leader
of all the kids demeanors
who cant get they selfesteem up
heartbroken and fient up
the drugs feel like they need us
withdrawls is emotional
but how else is you coasting through
i aint tryna boast to you
that sex is approachable
you know and i know it too
but that dont put me over you
if i dont enjoy it
then i mide as well destroy it
getting rid of bad habits all on this lonely voyage
ima starship warrior god loving euphoria
heart breaker important ta all the girls that i do not love
problem is im reminded of
who im not nostalgic for
and while shes alive
fucking some other guy
she'll know that she kilt me
but it'll say suicide
and you'll look in her eyes
and she wont feel no pain
and ill be pain free
and that'll end the rain
and we'll be better off
since we can never talk
it'll be like before
before i met you all
Contra 91
I'm still alive i aint done
Contra 91
I Thought we was having fun
Contra 91
You cant kill me i aint done
Contra 91
I'm out here having fun
Contra 91
You cant kill me i aint done
Contra 91
I love you
Contra 91
She was hungry for my heart
She chewed it up
When she didnt want me no more
She threw it up
Said I was bad sad and I ruined us
Now I feel drained ashamed insane
For who I love
Contra 91
Track Name: Psycho Psyche
i aint down wit getting nervous on this whole flight
sleeping days workin nights i dont fuck wit life
when people want u down
that shits gets me up
fuck making sad raps cus yall fags dont care bout luck
yall didnt really fuck wit us
until we came n fucked shit up
this industrys a fuckin lie
like these rappers screaming out lines
nothing like the ones in my dressing room
That big sign saying van solos doom
mf u got left no stress o yess
smoke bless high shit loser fly shit
drugs feel like my only friends
call logs all dealers going in
should prolly pay some child support
but fuck that shit im wildin boy
howling boy ima wolf all alone
screaming at the skies
asking when im going home
im not too stoked on this earth all alone
last thing i heard was sometime soon
in my psyche my psyche
my psycho psyche
its my psyche
my psycho psyche
that got me feeling so alone, uhh
lost alotta shit
but im prepared for it
we talk about the same shit but yours boring
swag this and this is foreign
these fuck niggas just keep us snoring
complex in this magazine
fucking maze always harassing me
a murder could really seem like a casualty
especially when these fake niggas dapping me
last thing i heard was her body was a temple
so i got the slut so wet til her skin wrinkled
and cut that bitch like fries wit the crinkles
feeling like im sinking
drowning in my brain
thats a frank ocean smoking novacane
fucking odd future when u living wit no life
today like tomorrow mane this shit aint right
dealing wit these hypebeast worried bout hype
most days im worrying where im sleeping that night
use to park my car down in alief outta sight
fucking famous hoping nobody spot me
always kept a black hoodie hoping no one sees
yeah... in my psyche
my psycho psyche
Track Name: HANNA
girl your boides a portrait
ima draw it and sport it
WEAR your face like a orphan
you always gave me endorphins
im not understanding this torture
i shouldnt have to use force to see my muhfucking lover
but your a fucking ho
i digged a grave just for your soul
so we could go and live alone
like two peace birds at home
sitting high in styrofoam
just brought u a gyro home
just incase your hungry ho
dont worry bout having to pee
just piss yourself ill clean it up
like all that shit that i cleant up
trying to fix the dirt in us
like oh whats that lil niggas name
you went and fucked like me again
and came back justa suck my flame
probly got herpes and hivene
intervene u pussy nigga
u worrying bout some pussy nigga
like u dont get pussy nigga
fuck yourself pussy nigga
(but i love her)
i know nigga
go and put that pistol down
before it makes a couple sounds
and you end up in small blocks
all becuz a fucking nut
now u got yo guns cocked
its devinn im coming in
the doors unlocked
i got the pistol on me
soon as u got up out that faggots car
i want to use this extra clip
so i can savor all the drips
make u feel all of this shit
that i feel when i get pissed
like shooting yellow out my dick
getting natiuos wit this shit
so retarded i give in
gotta brush these demons off me....
cus i feel my mom has lost me
and my suicide is calling
i wanna live to see my darling
Track Name: Pain Pillz
i need you on this lonely night
i think i just give up in life
fuck it all, i dont care
they judge me when im not there
they judge me when im right here
like child support court telling me the shits fair
i guess the worlds fair when chaos rules
spinning ina circle like clocks in the room
time has become my enemy
and everyday feels like the end of me
i dont wanna work nigga im too blessed
and taking care of my music is my best
and only mothafucking option dawg i cannot stress this enough
not tough
go n call my bluff
why dont u call my dad see if he picks up
i need a
downing more that alcy needa
smoking on that sowry needa
about to fuck some bitch im ona
i wanna go to sleep i needa
i aint even tryna eat just pass a
im looking at her clothes about ta
them off until im soft right back ona
its time for me to go im bout ta fucking